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Luxury Bega Camp


In the middle of the Merzouga desert, in Erg Znigui, is the Luxury Bega Camp. A unique space where you will enjoy the tranquility and Berber hospitality. The camp offers a balance between traditional Berber design and current comfort. It has 6 luxurious and spacious fully equipped jaimas. The Luxury Bega Camp offers visitors the opportunity to escape from the multitude of cities and get away from the outside world to enjoy a magical and unique experience.

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Capacity for 1 or 2 people, double bed or two single beds. Suite bathroom. Our camp has beberer-style private tents, incredibly comfortable, as well as including luxury items, such as electricity, heating and hot water in the middle of the desert.

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Capacity for 2 people, double bed or two single beds. Suite bathroom with hot and cold shower and toilet. Heating. The materials used for each tent have been handmade in Morocco.

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Capacity for 3 people, double bed and a single bed. Suite bathroom with hot and cold shower and toilet. Each jaima has electricity and heating generated by solar panels. European style plugs.


With an elegant and cozy style in the restaurant you can taste the traditional Moroccan flavors served with a different menu every day. You will enjoy an unforgettable dinner and an excellent breakfast to start a great day in the middle of the desert. We do not sell alcoholic beverages but we invite you to bring your own drink that we will gladly serve you. If you need a special diet let us know and we will adapt to your needs.

Luxury Bega Camp


The Luxury Bega Camp has an excellent location, has imperial white haimas, with careful decorative details inside. They have a bed with box spring, Nordic, wardrobe, towels, shampoo and body wash. With toilet and bathroom service in each store. The dining room is private for the camp, where a delicious Moroccan style dinner is served.

  • Excellent location

  • Decorative details

  • Towels / Amenities

  • Private bathroom

  • Hot water

  • Heating

  • Local folklore

  • Private dining room

  • Personalized service

  • Moroccan dinner

  • Full breakfast

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